If you are being investigated call me, Darren Richie.  The truth is you are Innocent.  The stakes are high, your freedom depends on it!

The Only Way 

Is The DRE Way

Department of Family and Child Services

Darren Richie



  • Child Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • DCFS Investigations
  • Child Neglect
  • Child Custody
  • Foster Care

Did DCFS Take Your Children?

Don’t Risk Losing Your Family

Orange County Office

W.H. Spurgeon Building

3rd Floor 206 W. 4th St. Suite 330
Santa Ana, CA 92701

Beverly Hills Office

222 N. Canon Dr. Suite 201

Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Las Vegas Office

8345 W. Sunset Road Suite 370

Las Vegas, NV 89113

Santa Clarita Office

27651 Lincoln Place Suite 210

Santa Clarita, CA 91387

Ontario Office

3401 Centrelake Dr. Suite 450

Ontario, CA 91761