DEA Agent Mark Ibrahim Loses Job, DRE to Defend

Mark Ibrahim

Mark Ibrahim DEA Agent


Mark Ibrahim is a DEA agent who was recently fired because he attended the rally on January 6th in the Capital.  Mr. Ibrahim was a part of the rally, not the riots and consequently did nothing wrong or illegal.  He is currently working with the firm here at DRE, A.P.C. to fight this unfair treatment.  In an interview with Fox News, he said:

“I was there with my brother. He is an FBI special agent. And no adverse action was taken against him, as it shouldn’t. As it shouldn’t have happened to me. And, you know, they got it wrong. Me and my brother both served in the Army. I followed him into federal law enforcement. My sister is a Navy veteran. My mom was in the Pentagon on 9/11. And I’m the son of two immigrants who left oppressive regimes. And, you know, my mom instilled in me a debt that we owe this country for the liberties and freedoms, they are not free. So, just the saddest part about this is I can’t serve my country anymore.”

Mark Ibrahim has the full backing of DRE Law to stand up for his rights to express his beliefs in a legal way without losing his livelihood.  As he further stated to Fox News:

“I am taking legal action against the DEA. Through the help of DRE law firms. They have been very supportive taking this as a matter of principle … I have been taking orders since I was 18. I was really was just going to accept this and my friends encouraged me to fight. They said not just on your behalf but everybody who is being wrongfully persecuted for their political views. I would encourage anybody if you have taken — if any adverse action was taken against you because of your political views you should fight.”

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Photographer Daniel “Dano” Patten Killed in Illegal Car Race

Photographer Daniel “Dano” Patten Killed in Illegal Car Race

A photographer and videographer was a victim of an illegal car race that happened at 1:30 p.m. on Christmas Day. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the horrible event occurred close to East 230th and Banning Streets.

The Photographer was identified as Daniel “Dano” Patten, 66, who lived in Huntington Beach.

According to his friend and a couple of the guys with him, he got some warnings before the race, so he was aware of the danger. “I did tell him on Christmas, be careful going out to the street races,’” said his friend, Irvine. A couple of the guys who were with him said, ‘Hey Dano, we need to leave, this is dangerous today.”

His girlfriend, Tammy LaFlamme, said:” Illegal street racing totally wasn’t his scene.” She believes that due to many events canceled to reduce the spread of COVID-19, it was boredom that may have got the photographer to an occasion that he would usually pass up.

Footage that was posted on social media shows a black Cadillac sedan racing a blue car, which crashed into each other and then went into a nearby crowd of people. In another video, a struck spectator’s legs could be seen lying on the ground in a close distance from the two destroyed vehicles.

Patten, who was taking pictures of the cars, was killed instantly, and five others were hospitalized. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy Morgan stated that the race drivers escaped the place after the car crash.

His family members sensed that something terrible might have happened as Patten didn’t join his brother for dinner. Tammy didn’t hear anything from him all night, so she went to Carson with some friends the next morning. That’s when they found his van together with pieces of the cars that killed him.

Mourners have laid candles, flowers, and other presents under a tree near the crashed cars’ scattered pieces and the tire marks. Many people who knew Patten from his photos and videos joined in paying tribute to him. Some of them even carried out performances in their lowriders, honoring his soul and telling his brother how much he would be missed.

“Devastated that he died on Christmas like this, and all of our friends are devastated,” his girlfriend said. She also added that he was the kindest man with the biggest heart and had a great passion for cars. LaFlamme hopes that the drivers who took part in the crash will be caught and that people will stop illegal racing. “It’s dangerous. People die all the time. They were just saying how many people have died from doing this,” she said.

Russ Patten said that his brother was very easygoing and kindhearted. He described him as a “neat freak” who washed his car daily and never missed a chance to photograph cars at an event.

Daniel Patten’s memorial will be held on Wednesday, January the 6th, by his close friends and loved ones. They planned a cruise through Huntington Beach. The Surf City Classics car club will give out more details about the event on social media.

This is currently an open Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department open investigation. DRE expresses their condolences to the family of Daniel Patten.

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Sad Rancho Cucamonga Shooting Accident

Rancho Cucamonga Shooting

Rancho Cucamonga Shooting Accident At Gun Range

DRE is representing the victims of an accidental Rancho Cucamonga shooting at a local gun range.  According to the police, the incident occured while Cory Carmichael, 34, was trying to clear his handgun.  The gun went off, wounding Cory, but also striking Tatianna Holt.  Holt was 36 from Compton.

Both Cory and Tatianna were taken to the hospital for their wounds.  Sadly Tatianna was pronounced dead at the hospital.  The shooting has been ruled as accidental.

The gun range is located along the 9000 block of 9th Street in Rancho Cucamonga.

In light of this unfortunate incident, we want to remind everyone of gun safety tips to try to prevent things like this from ever happening again


Gun Safety Tips

  1. Always Treat a Gun Like It Is Loaded – This is the big one.  When you are handling a gun, always maintain the aim of the barrel downrange.  When clearing a weapon, or handling the gun at all, the barrel shouldn’t be pointed at the floor, the roof, the wall, anywhere that isn’t downrange at the target.  A lot of people think this isn’t really important, but this one rule could prevent most gun related accidents.
  2. Don’t Rely On The Safety (But Make Sure It’s On) – Just because a safety is on doesn’t mean that a gun is safe, which is why we have rule #1.  Always treat a gun like it’s loaded and the safety is off, even when it isn’t.  That being said, make sure your safety is on if you aren’t actively firing down range.
  3. Handle Firearms with Care – Sometimes guns can jam or misfire.  If this happens, contact your range master and handle the weapon with extreme caution.  In situations like this, the firearm could still discharge.  A live round is always a live round until the bullet has been fired, and could go off at any time.  Protect yourself and others by making sure to be extremely cautious around guns.

DRE, A.P.C. is currently representing the victims of this horrible accident in a wrongful death suit.  We express our deepest condolences and sympathies to the family of Tatianna.

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Grace Coleman, 22, Terrible DUI Crash

In Newport Beach, Grace Coleman was arrested and charged with murder after a DUI Crash with a car carrying a family of 3 girls and their parents.

In the crash, Coleman drove her Range Rover through a red light, colliding with a Nissan carrying the family of Henry Saldana Mejia and Gabriela Andrade.  Unfortunately both parents died in the crash and the daughters were all taken to the hospital for treatment.

Grace Coleman

The crash happened at the intersection of pelican hill road and newport coast drive in Newport Beach.  This is Coleman’s second DUI Arrest.

She has been charged with two felony counts of murder, one felony count of driving under the influence of alcohol causing bodily injury, one felony count of driving with a blood alcohol of .08 or greater causing bodily injury and one felony count of hit and run with injury.

The hit and run charges against Grace Coleman were issued because after she crashed into the family, she tried to leave the scene on foot.  She was arrested and initially refused to take a breath and urine test.

Her test results indicated her Blood Alcohol level to be .20% more than twice the legal limit.

She suffered minor injuries from the accident and is currently in police custody in the hospital.

According to Orange Country District Attorney Todd Spitzer, “Three young girls are orphans because of the selfish decision of a stranger.”  We agree with the District Attorney on this point.

Even though Darren Richie, Esq.  (or as we all know him, DRE), is an amazing criminal defense attorney, in a situation like this he is not defending Grace Coleman.

Criminal charges are being pursued by the District Attorneys office that could put Grace Coleman behind bars for 34 years to life in prison.  This horrible DUI Crash has happened just 4 months after Grace was arrested and charged with a misdemeanor DUI.

At 22 years old, only one year over the legal drinking age, Grace has orphaned 3 young children, killed two people, and put herself on trial for charges that could put her in prison for life.  Drinking and getting behind the wheel isn’t a joke.  Don’t do it!

At the same time, DRE is working to represent the 3 orphaned children and their family as a Personal Injury Attorney.  These three young girls should never had lost their parents, and as a father himself, DRE is going to battle for them as their protector!

DRE feels very deeply connected to this case and these children.  He is wielding all his expertise and knowledge in their defense.  They lost both of their parents at such a young age, and nothing can bring that back.

We feel terrible about this situation that these girls now find themselves in and want them to know they have a team that is going to fight for them like no one else can.  These three girls are 1, 4 and 5 years old right now.

Don T Drink Drive Stock Illustrations – 56 Don T Drink Drive Stock  Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart - Dreamstime

A reminder to everyone else, please don’t drive while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or prescription medications.  You can completely destroy the lives of innocent people who were doing nothing wrong.

CBS Report

ABC 7 News Report

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Man’s Eye Explodes from Non-Lethal Projectile

The use of “Non-Lethal Projectiles” by police officers is common in riots and other situations.  But just because something is non-lethal, doesn’t mean it is safe.

Warning – The following article contains graphic content.  Viewer discretion is advised.

The night of October 15, 2020, William Gonzalez was on top of the world.  The Los Angeles Lakers had just won the NBA Title and he was celebrating their win with friends.  Little did he know that disaster was coming. 

The Los Angeles Police Department had decided that the gatherings of people were in violation of the COVID restrictions that had been in force.

They tried to get the crowds to disperse, and when they didn’t, the LAPD used “non-lethal” tactics against the crowd.  This included the firing of non-lethal projectiles, or rubber/foam bullets into the crowd.

One of these bullets struck William in his eye.  Instantly his eye socket was shattered, his tear duct was torn apart and his eyeball exploded from the force. 

Despite the name, “non-lethal projectile”, these foam bullets are in fact still projectiles traveling at high speeds and impacts can cause massive damage.  William’s brother came to his aid, using a Kobe Bryant jersey to try to stop the bleeding.

Even in his injured state, William was forced to flee further because the police were still firing on the crowd.  They ran to a line of officers to try to get help and were initially pushed back, until they were finally allowed to get to an ambulance.  William had to wait at least 30 minutes with his eye in this condition before he was allowed to be transported to a hospital for care.

Despite the LAPD’s insistence that these projectiles can’t penetrate the skin and that their officers are trained not to take head shots, William sustained these massive injuries and another person in the crowd lost 8 teeth when they took a projectile to the mouth. 

Based on this case and other incidents over the last year with riots and protests, legislature and activists are now taking a serious look into the injuries that actually come from these Non-Lethal Projectiles.

non-lethal projectile

Take a look at the following video from Jamie Hyneman of Mythbusters talking about Non-Lethal or Less Lethal projectiles and demonstrating the types of damage they can do.  If you want to see the test shots, go to about 4:00 in the video where Jamie is shooting small tennis balls and they penetrate a hanging blanket.  The Foam 40mm bullets used by the police still traveling at around 100 mph!

Police policy is to aim the weapons around the middle of a person, near their waist, and only firing at individuals who are a threat to the police.

  Video evidence is now suggesting that officers don’t actually comply with this training, firing into crowds of people, potentially hitting an innocent individual and wounding or disabling them.

Police are being defensive, stating that video footage and even their own body cam footage doesn’t capture all the events leading up to an incident.

Gonzalez is currently being aided in his lawsuit against the police by attorneys at DRE, A.P.C.  It is a tragedy and horrific that he had to experience this on a night that should have been a night of celebration and victory.  We hope that the use of Non-lethal projectiles will be further investigated and further laws and restrictions passed to prevent other innocent people from being needlesly injured by police.

For more information on this case, please contact DRE, A.P.C. at (213) 296-5838.  This case is currently active as of the publishing date of this article.

Here are some news articles about William’s case and the events surrounding the NBA Title Game:

LA Times Article

Newsweek Article
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