AP News DEA agent arrested on Capitol riot charges

By MICHAEL KUNZELMAN and JIM MUSTIAN An off-duty Drug Enforcement Administration agent posed for photographs in which he flashed his DEA badge and firearm outside the U.S. Capitol during the Jan. 6 riot, according to a court filing Tuesday following the agent’s arrest. A video posted on the internet also showed Mark Sami Ibrahim carrying a flag bearing the words “Liberty or Death” outside the Capitol, about 12 minutes before a mob of people pulled

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Drug Crimes

Drug Crimes Defense Lawyer

Beverly Hills Las Vegas Orange County Click here, Call Now! California Drug Crimes In California, drug crimes are those of which concern the marketing, possession, distribution, and lastly the creation of the narcotic in an illegal way. Within this category of law violation for drug use, there are many varieties of unlawful narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, LSD, peyote, opiates, the unapproved use of oxycontin, and methamphetamine. If you find yourself in search

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Mark Ibrahim

DEA Agent Mark Ibrahim Loses Job, DRE to Defend

Mark Ibrahim DEA Agent   Mark Ibrahim is a DEA agent who was recently fired because he attended the rally on January 6th in the Capital.  Mr. Ibrahim was a part of the rally, not the riots and consequently did nothing wrong or illegal.  He is currently working with the firm here at DRE, A.P.C. to fight this unfair treatment.  In an interview with Fox News, he said: “I was there with my brother. He

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Photographer Daniel “Dano” Patten Killed in Illegal Car Race

Photographer Daniel “Dano” Patten Killed in Illegal Car Race A photographer and videographer was a victim of an illegal car race that happened at 1:30 p.m. on Christmas Day. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the horrible event occurred close to East 230th and Banning Streets. The Photographer was identified as Daniel “Dano” Patten, 66, who lived in Huntington Beach. According to his friend and a couple of the guys with him, he

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Sad Rancho Cucamonga Shooting Accident

Rancho Cucamonga Shooting Accident At Gun Range DRE is representing the victims of an accidental Rancho Cucamonga shooting at a local gun range.  According to the police, the incident occured while Cory Carmichael, 34, was trying to clear his handgun.  The gun went off, wounding Cory, but also striking Tatianna Holt.  Holt was 36 from Compton. Both Cory and Tatianna were taken to the hospital for their wounds.  Sadly Tatianna was pronounced dead at the

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Grace Coleman Mug Shot

Grace Coleman, 22, Terrible DUI Crash

In Newport Beach, Grace Coleman was arrested and charged with murder after a DUI Crash with a car carrying a family of 3 girls and their parents. In the crash, Coleman drove her Range Rover through a red light, colliding with a Nissan carrying the family of Henry Saldana Mejia and Gabriela Andrade.  Unfortunately both parents died in the crash and the daughters were all taken to the hospital for treatment. The crash happened at

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Man’s Eye Explodes from Non-Lethal Projectile

Add Your Heading Text Here The use of “Non-Lethal Projectiles” by police officers is common in riots and other situations.  But just because something is non-lethal, doesn’t mean it is safe. Warning – The following article contains graphic content.  Viewer discretion is advised. The night of October 15, 2020, William Gonzalez was on top of the world.  The Los Angeles Lakers had just won the NBA Title and he was celebrating their win with friends. 

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The Truth About Danny Joe Fitness

Darren Richie, ESQ (DRE) Sits down with Danny Joe from Danny Joe Fitness to help set the record straight for a bunch of false accusations another YouTuber made against him.  We stand with Danny Joe.

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Authority Magazine

5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started

Authority Magazine – 5 Things I Wish Someone Told Me Before I Started Richie Litigation There will be days when you are so stressed out, wondering how you will ever make it to the next day. Learn to love that feeling because it is exactly that which will drives you to sustain. Follow your gut and always, always, trust your instincts. This goes not only for hiring, but for everything else in business. Pursue your

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Thrivetime Interviews Darren Richie

Richie Litigation Founder and President and top legal expert Darren M. Richie recently sat down with iTunes Top 10 Business Podcast, the ThriveTime Show, which interviews top experts, authors, athletes, and entrepreneurs. With past guests including leaders and luminaries such as celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck, New York Times Bestselling author John Maxwell and NFL stars Justin Forset and Rashad Jennings, Richie is in good company on ThriveTime, as he reveals his own personal roadmap for success. In the inspiring interview, Richie not only shares how

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Former Bentley Dealership President-Turned-Litigator’s Firm Can Rep Salesman Suing Dealer for Discrimination

Court: Former Bentley Dealership President-Turned-Litigator’s Firm Can Rep Salesman Suing Dealer for Discrimination

A California appellate court has found that a law firm run by the former president and COO of a luxury car dealership can represent a fired Asian-American salesman in pursuing discrimination claims against the company. The Second District Court of Appeal on Wednesday reversed a lower court decision that found that Darren Richie and Richie Litigation, the law firm he founded in 2017 after leaving his position as a senior executive at the O’Gara Coach Co. LLC car dealership chain, should

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Rancho Humilde Global Deal With Cinq Music

Story Courtesy of Billboard.com   Jimmy Humilde, the founder and CEO of urban regional Mexican label Rancho Humilde, has signed a worldwide distribution deal with Cinq Music, Billboard has exclusively learned. The indie distributor and publisher has signed the L.A.-based company, according to Cinq co-founder and president Barry Daffurn, who calls the record label part of a new wave of urban regional “corridos.” The roster of acts includes Legado 7, Fuerza Regida and Arsenal Efectivo, among others. Terms of

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Stan Lee

Stan Lee’s Ex-Business Manager Elder Abuse Charges

A lawyer for Stan Lee‘s former business manager Keya Morgan is calling the charges of elder abuse filed against him the “latest in the line of personal attacks” against his client. Attorney Antonio Castillo III said in an exclusive statement to Page Six, “They are without merit and designed solely to drag his name in the mud in anticipation of the coming litigation on behalf Mr. Morgan against ill-intentioned parties that have been defaming him and interfering

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Popular Musician Claims Police Brutality Following Arrest

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (FOX 11) – Up-and-coming singer Jesus Ortiz Paz, a popular musician within the Latino community, is accusing the San Bernardino Police Department of police brutality after he was arrested over the weekend following a house party. Ortiz Paz says police officers left him bruised and bloodied after his face was slammed by officers. Police say he was resisting arrest. The incident began at about 10 p.m. May 11 after police received several

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Former Police chief Dustin Olson

Whistleblower Lawsuits Blow Lid Off UCSB Police

Four UCSB police officers have filed suit against the UC Regents and UCSB, alleging offensive and demoralizing workplace activities that persisted despite repeated alerts to the then Police Chief Dustin Olson, his deputy chief, and his lieutenants, and that their complaints resulted in retaliatory actions against them. The allegations include charges of racist talk and sexually offensive videos — one even from a sexual assault video held in evidence — all for the entertainment of officers. Lieutenant Mark Signa

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Lawsuit Against Catholic Charities

Los Angeles, CA Richie Litigation, P.C. has filed a lawsuit against Catholic Charities, the nation’s fifth largest charity, for its employee’s repeated sexual assault and psychological exploitation of a mother of five. Darren Richie, the lead attorney prosecuting this case, states, “I’ve prosecuted numerous cases involving sexual assault and sexual harassment, but I’ve never seen such negligence on the part of an organization as large and prominent as Catholic Charities. My client sought out Catholic

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Burglaries of L.A. Celebs, Elderly and Asian Victims

Richie Litigation substitutes in as counsel of record for named defendant in Grand Jury Indictment. As Reported on My News LA: Grand jury indictments against 31 alleged gang members facing 93 total felony counts — including home invasion robbery, elder abuse, and torture — were unsealed Monday as two-thirds of the defendants pleaded not guilty to participating in a burglary ring targeting elderly and Asian victims. Eight other cases against some of the defendants —

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Shoreline Construction in Hidden Hills, CA

The 12,500-square-foot property on Round Meadow Road features six bedrooms and 10 bathrooms. It includes a 25-seat theater, game room, spa/massage room and a wine cellar complete with a tasting room. The outdoor spaces include a multi-million-dollar pool with cascading waterfalls, an 80-foot waterslide, and a swim-in grotto. Our client became the owner representative and the general contractor after our representation started. Business insider Reported: What does it mean to live like Drake, the No.

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Woman Assaulted in a California DMV Parking Lot

Our client went to the DMV for the purpose of obtaining a replacement disabled parking placard. When she arrived to the DMV, there were no disabled parking spots available, therefore she parked in a parking area designated for disabled persons, although the location where the car was parked was not marked as a parking spot and was in between two parking stalls for disabled person. Our client got permission from a DMV employee to park

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Rx Pharmacy Raid by Department of Justice

Rx Pharmacy Raid by California Department of Justice

  California Department of Justice raided a pharmacy owner who called on Richie Litigation in need of expert advocacy while the warrant was live. Darren M. Richie was immediately on site to ensure the client was represented during the execution of the court ordered search warrant. Mr. Richie’s presence has led to the probable viability of a suppression motion being heard March 22, 2019

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Dre and Xzibit defendants in Cannabis case.

Richie Litigation Represents The Defendants in a Civil Suit For Cannabis Company Fortune.

Richie Litigation Represents The Defendants in a Civil Suit For Cannabis Company Fortune. TMZ report on the matter: Dr. Dre and Xzibit screwed 3 people out of a fortune in the cannabis industry by taking their time, money and hard work, and then pretending they never existed … according to a new suit. Three individuals are suing the rappers and their weed company, Brass Knuckles, claiming they did a ton of legwork for them and

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Jalen Hall Faces life in prison if convicted of home invasion, robbery, kidnapping, and burglary.

Former Oregon Ducks WR Facing Life In Prison

Los Angeles, CA October 8, 2018 Former Oregon Ducks wide receiver, Jalen Hall, is currently facing a total of six criminal charges, including home invasion robbery, kidnapping, and first-degree burglary; and could be sentenced to life in prison if convicted on all charges. Authorities allege that Hall, alongside co- defendant Millard Hill, was involved in an armed robbery earlier this month near Norwalk, California. The 19-year-old Hall is a Southern California native. Hall was a

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Actors’ Alleged Kidnapping Incident

Los Angeles, United States – July 27, 2018 /PressCable/ — Los Angeles, CA July 23, 2018 Twenty-six-year-old Amber Neal was charged this month with six felony counts in relation to the alleged kidnapping of two Los Angeles actors. Authorities allege that Neal, alongside Keith Andre Stewart and Johntae Jones, kidnapped actor Joseph Capone and Halloween: Resurrection actress Daisy McCrackin on May 3, 2017. Darren Richie, the lead defense attorney in Ms. Neal’s defense, states that

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UCLA Employees Sue School

Four UCLA employees have filed lawsuits against UCLA and the UC Board of Regents, accusing their workplace supervisor of sexual harassment and the University of failing to properly handle abuse complaints. Plaintiffs Jackie Rodriguez, Amber Rose Palega, Krystal Eda and Mayra Miguel allege supervisor Martha Mansoor, who is also named in the suit, regularly slapped their buttocks, caressed their thighs and made sexual comments about their bodies. The plaintiffs work in the university’s radiology scheduling

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