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Identity Theft

When you think about it, nearly everyone you know has a mobile phone. The proliferation of digital devices and our ever-increasing dependence on them means that they contain all kinds of information about us. While this increases our ability to be mobile and go paperless, it also leaves our personal information vulnerable to thieves and hackers to access.

A recent case of identity theft in Beverly Hills resulted in $2.5 million in fraud over 44 suspects. So, you can bet Beverly Hills police and prosecutors are keeping a close eye on this crime. In fact, the magnitude of these crimes has mushroomed over the entire southern California region. To combat this, law enforcement has developed special teams and leverage resources to help track down those responsible for identity theft.

If you or someone you know has been accused of identity theft, drop what you’re doing and contact DRE Law with offices based in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas, and Orange County. The attorneys at DRE are prepared to take on all identity theft cases.


Ways to prevent identity include:

  • Use two or more credit cards
  • Delete all personal billing information from electronic devices
  • Secure your phone with a strong password
  • Lock your physical mailbox
  • Pay bills through an electronically
  • Never disclose personally-identifying information like your social security number over the phone
  • Be aware of where you put your receipts
  • Memorize all of your passwords
  • Protect your social security number
  • Review your credit card statements regularly for unauthorized use
Identity Theft Crimes
The crime of identity theft, as outlined in California Penal Code Section 50, is when an individual illegally and in full capacity obtains and retains the identity and personal information of another. Frequently, identity theft occurs when an individual gains unlawful access to a computer or cellphone and copies all valuable information, including credit cards, bank accounts, with an intent to acquire goods or funds. During the investigation, each item discovered in possession of the accused is counted as a separate criminal offense, so that each illegally obtained item adds three years and increases probation, fines of up to $1000 and potentially permanent loss of employment.

Keep in mind that many identity theft cases are handled at the federal level, meaning that the United States Attorney General’s Office tries the case in federal court. The penalty for these identity theft cases is severe, ranging from 25-30 years in prison.

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If you or someone you know is accused of identity theft in Beverly Hills, Orange County or Las Vegas, it’s critical to contact an attorney prepared to take on your case. It’s no small decision to put your life in someone else’s hands, and that’s why DRE Law’s attorneys do whatever it takes to ensure you’re not deprived of the justice you deserve.

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