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It’s surprising how much identity theft in California has increased in the past decades, resulting in a change in the Penal Code Sections. Now, anyone accused or charged with identity theft might end up with several more years added to their sentence. Penal Code Section 530.5 PC and 530.5 PC(a) declare that this crime varies in degrees of seriousness and penalties. Identity theft can be sentenced as either a felony or misdemeanor.

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In 1998, the first law against identity theft was established. Initially, the crime was charged as a misdemeanor, but one year later, identity theft was also charged as a felony based on how the crime was committed.


How is criminal identity theft in California defined?

Penal Code 530.3 PC states that identity theft is a crime in which an individual illegally acquires or steals the identity or personal documents of another without their consent. The individual uses the stolen information to sell, transfer and provide personal identification to commit fraud. This personal information comes from medical records, credit cards, driver’s licenses and other personal identifying documents. This crime is severely penalized.
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Penal Code Section 530.5(a) declares that a person consciously using a fraudulent identity to acquire any property, money, or services is committing identity theft and will be convicted. Depending on circumstances, a misdemeanor results in a one-year sentence, and a felony sentence can be more than three years.

Penal Code Section (b) states that for an individual who steals personal information or the identity of another to commit a crime, the person whose identity was stolen will not face charges. If a prosecutor is shown or accused of intention to defraud by charging an individual who successfully defends themselves, the prosecutor may be charged.

Additionally, if you are an immigrant and found guilty of identity theft, you may face deportation or be marked “inadmissible” by the government.

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To avoid someone accessing your personal documents, do not offer personal information to sources or people who are not trustworthy, destroy old credit cards, create difficult passwords, frequently check your online accounts or credit reports, lock your mailbox, and beware of scams. 

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