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Insurance Fraud

California boasts the largest insurance market in the United States, bringing a substantial amount of insurance fraud crimes with it. And due to recent natural and economic forces, insurance fraud crimes has been on the rise, particularly in the areas of homeowner’s, fire, auto and property insurance. If you or someone you know is under investigation for insurance fraud, stop reading now, and contact an Insurance Fraud Defense Attorney at DRE Law who can consult with you on your next steps.

California Insurance Code Section 1871 broadly defines insurance frauds as offering false information to an insurance company for monetary or service reimbursement that you’re not entitled to. The California Department of Insurance (CDI) is charged with investigating and prosecuting insurance fraud. Factors like the amount of loss and the degree of false information determine whether the crime is filed as a misdemeanor or felony.


Below are a few examples of what an insurance fraud may contain:

  • Intentional burning property for reimbursement
  • Health care insurance fraud
  • Fire insurance fraud
  • Exaggerating the amount of damage to property
  • Staging an accident for reimbursement
  • Auto collision
  • Auto property
  • Life insurance fraud
  • Faking physical injury for reimbursement
  • Workers Compensation insurance fraud
  • Lying about a stolen vehicle to collect reimbursement
  • Falsely claiming property damage
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The following sections cover various insurance frauds:

  • California Insurance Code Section 1872.8: Auto insurance fraud.
  • Section 1874.2(a): Motor Vehicle Theft and Motor Vehicle Insurance Fraud Reporting
  • Section S 550(a)(5): Medical insurance fraud
If you or somebody you know is being investigated for insurance fraud, contact the law offices of Darren Richie, Esq. of DRE Law. The attorneys at DRE in Southern California mirror Darren Richie’s iron will and tenacity. You need someone bold and prepared to fight for their clients against any sentence. You deserve justice. Contact DRE Law today.
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