Meet Darren Richie

Darren Richie, Chairman and Founder of DRE, A.P.C., established his Law Firm to provide his clients with the best legal expertise. Powered by unwavering principles of integrity, bravery, and motivation; Richie will never give up on a client.

By founding such a nimble, savvy, and fierce firm; he has laid an impeccable foundation to ferociously pursue any meritorious prosecution or defense. His own experiences are what give the Firm its’ iron will and tenacity for the achievement of excellence.

Darren graduated from New York University with his Bachelors, before attending the University of Chicago.  From there, he attended the University of Houston Law Center to get his Juris Doctor Degree.
Darren has an extensive lineage of accomplishments and winning. Of the elite few from the C-Suite and President of companies, he has been responsible for ultra-luxury brands such as Bentley, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, and Ducati. Through his entrepreneurship, he has created prosperous business enterprises.
These successes have made Darren no stranger to the trials and tribulations those building their own empires will face and persevering without fail.
Because Darren is so well versed in the challenges his clients may face, he is able to advocate for them with indomitable fierceness. His love for competition and strong drive for success are contagious.
Anything is possible when you are willing to do whatever it takes is Darren’s mantra that he carries with him every day.
You will no longer be deprived of justice. Darren Richie will restore your freedom while casting maximum accountability on those who stole it.

Admissions and Affiliations

California Central District Court

California Southern District Court

California Eastern District Court

U.S. District Court, Northern District Court of Texas

U.S. Tax Court

U.S. Court of Appeals, Ninth District

Illinois Central District

Pennsylvania Middle District Court

Ohio Southern District Court

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"Failure has never been an option for me…And it isn’t because I can’t stand to lose — it’s because I love to win. My motivation comes from both internal and external forces. Internally, I have been driven in this manner from the beginning. That core strengthens, though, when it meets external forces that call your integrity or resolve into question. My mantra is simple, but powerful, and it has worked for me time and again: “Whatever it takes.”



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